Nissan Ad Caribbean

Import Nissan Ad Van from STC Japan

There was an emergence in demand for a mini and reliable multipurpose van which had been filled by multiple companies.One of the noticeable models is Nissan Ad Van, which was launched in 1982 and still being continued as the most popular models in Japanese used cars market are 2008-2016. It is quite popular with small delivery businesses as well being used as a passenger car.

Nissan Ad is sold under different names across different countries and places itself as a strong competition for Toyota Probox, Toyota Succeed and Honda Partner.

The van offer a spacious rooms and is well equipped with modern technology hence establishing itself strongly in the market. It has improved itself in looks and features over the years. This is just a brief introduction but there is much more to offer when it comes to the overall driving experience and what’s under the hood.

Generally, the Nissan Ad Van uses a 1.3-liter QG13DE, 1.5-liter QG15DE or 1.8-liter QG18DE engine. The latter is mated to a 4-speed automatic gearbox and all time 4WD, giving it an extra edge over its competitors. The wheelbase of the car is 240 cm and the dimensions are Length is 418 cm, Width 167 cm Height 152 cm. It gives an average of 15 kilometer per letter.

The interior of the van is very spacious due to its dimensions and as the vehicle is used for commercial purposes also so the interior is made with upholstery material which is not tor easily. The exterior of the car is the stylish as well as up to date. While the Nissan Ad Van is more oriented for transporting passengers so comfort is kept in consideration primarily whereas transporting goods as secondary option, it can carry at most 450kg.

It can be purchased from STC Japan, starting from as low as 900 USD – 3,500 USD.

With regards to its option Nissan AD Van is quite reasonably priced and is a great deal for price conscious customers.