Top 5 Japanese Used Vehicles for Carribean Market

Top 5 Japanese Used Vehicles for Carribean Market

There is a huge demand for reliable, reasonable and efficient vehicles in developing as well as in developed countries; however across the globe the demand for cheap used cars is huge among the middle and lower income group. Japanese used vehicles are playing a huge role in filling this demand with their advancement in technology, fuel efficient and low maintenance vehicles. With emergence of E-commerce, dealers in Japan have got close to buyers from across the globe. There are a lot of used vehicle exporters showcasing their stocks online and can be accessed easily. Now ordering the vehicle from a local dealer in Japan is just one click away. This has made it easy for customers to purchase vehicles at really cheap prices as there are thousands of vehicles to select from.

Japanese Car Caribbean

Caribbean hold a great significance for the Japanese used vehicle exporters from Japan. Numbers of used vehicle exported to Caribbean market are increasing significantly year by year. Caribbean market imports from cheap Japanese used vehicle to High budget used vehicle.

Japanese Vehicles Caribbean

In this blog we would like to introduce top five Cheap Japanese used vehicle which are being exported to Caribbean market. The list is in no particular order

1- Nissan Ad van (FOB USD 900-2,500)

Nissan Ad Caribbean

Nissan Ad van has gained a great popularity in the Caribbean in the recent years. It can be used as both family car as well as commercial use.  It also comes with quite an affordable pricing. The interior of the van is very spacious due to its dimensions and as the vehicle is used for commercial purposes also so the interior is made with upholstery material which is not tor easily. The prices depends on the model you intend to buy with 2014-2015 can be purchased for mere 2,000-2,500 Usd. It’s a great bargain for someone who is looking for cheap Japanese used vehicle with low maintenance cost. You can purchase similar vehicle from our stock and get it delivered to your desired port

2- Toyota Noah ( FOB ~1,250 USD)

Toyota Noah Caribbean

Toyota Noah is not only popular among the Caribbean people but it’s quite famous across the globe. It poses a great opportunity for anyone looking to buy a 7-8 seated van at a cheap price. It provides a great room and options; it’s a great value for money.  If your country does not have any import regulation you can buy this vehicle for only 1,250 USD,, whereas for Jamaican market if you possess an import license you can buy 2010 model for only 3,500 USD.  You can purchase similar vehicle from our stock and get it delivered to your desired port.

3- Honda Fit: (FOB ~900 USD)

Honda Fit Caribbean

Honda fit is considered as one of the most successful vehicle in Japanese market, with its entire model maintaining their popularity across the globe. The hatch back vehicle is a perfect option for a family looking for low maintenance car. The pricing starts from only 900 Usd

4- Mazda Verisa: (~1,200 USD)

Mazda Verisa Caribbean

Since its launch from, Mazda Verisa has positioned itself in the market as an alternative to the conventional sedan cars, it offers a good passenger room accompanied with a reasonable luggage room.  It provides a sport look with a very well contrasted interior. You can choose Nissan note from our stock and get it delivered to your port. With all these option Nissan note price starts from a mere USD 1,200.

5- Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V Caribbean

This vehicle ought to be on the top for client looking for utility and security at a sensible value, this model accompanies a minimal outside and an extremely open inside. It offers 2.4 Liters 4 barrel motor just, however it’s very sufficient for the vehicle estimate, additionally giving outstanding efficiency.

With all the options available and featuring in SUV category we would say that Honda CR-V is by far most reasonable priced vehicle. It’s pricing starts from USD 1,000, and STC JAPAN has a large stock to select from.

We hope that we were able to guide our customers and help them in their next purchase.