How to import a car from Japan to Tanzania.

How to import a car from Japan to Tanzania.

Tanzania officially the United Republic of Tanzania is a sovereign state in eastern Africa within the African Great Lakes region Tanzania is one of the growing markets for Japanese used cars and now a days a lot of Tanzanians are importing cars from japan.


⚫ There is no age restriction .

⚫ Thus Tanzania is both Right/Left hand drive Market.

⚫ Road worthiness inspection is required before shipment.


The import duty, which is the tax applied to all import item, is calculated as 25% of CIF,
and the VAT is fairly simple, it’s the value added tax that is applied to all product sold,
and is 18% of the CIF + import Duty


STC JAPAN is one of the oldest and reliable exporter of Japanese used and commercial vehicles from Japan.

Some of the famous cars for Tanzania market are :


Toyota LandCruiser ZX
Mileage: 98000 KM
4600cc | ZX | White | petrol

 Toyota LandCruiser Prado TX
Mileage: 77000 KM
200cc |  | Black | petrol

Toyota Premio
Mileage: 108000 KM
2000cc |  | Silver | petrol
 Toyota Harrier
Mileage: 121000 KM
3000cc |  | White | petrol


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