Our Pick Of 5 Famous Japanese Used Cars For Kenya.

Our Pick Of 5 Famous Japanese Used Cars For Kenya.

Japan is know as one of the major exporter of Japanese used and brand new cars. Over the past few years there has been increase in the export to major continent of Africa. In 2017-18 Kenya one of the famous and emerging countries in Africa had the major share of these imported cars. Considering that we have picked 5 most famous Japanese used car exported to Kenya this year.



Toyota Probox was launched in 2002, its shares the similar features as all of its models. It comes in 1300cc and 1500cc, both in manual and automatic transmission. The famous is 1500cc, which also has 2wd and fwd.  It is a small wagon mainly used for small commercial purpose as well as a family car. Because of its dual usage it is very popular Japanese used car. People looking for a luxury don’t buy this car because of its limited features. It can also be used as a mini truck, because the seats at the back can be folded.



Toyota Corolla axio was released in japan in 2006, AXIO which means ( things with value). It a 4 door sedan available in both 1300cc and 1500cc both in automatic and manual transmission. In Kenya mostly people buy 1500cc with automatic transmission because it produce more horsepower. Toyota Corolla axio is a semi luxury four door sedan with very attractive exterior looks and very spacious inside.





Toyota Vitz is a sub contact Japanese used car available in 1.0, 1.3 and 1.5 both automatic and manual transmission. It was first launched in japan in 1998 and now its in fourth generation and one of the famous Japanese used car around the globe. Because of its small design and spacious exterior its very famous among the women, as its very east to park.



Toyota Premio first launched in 1999 is a semi luxury four door sedan, with both 1500 and 1800cc engine. It has super etc transmission. It come in three different grades like X, F and G. Unlike other Japanese used car the premio is equipped with many other specification like 4 air bags, back camera, multi media stering and parking sensors. The cabin inside looks very luxury with the touch of wooden trim inside. Also the exterior is very stylish with hid lights at the front. Its one of the best selling semi luxury four door sedan.



Toyota Vanguard a semi SUV was launched in 2007, and is a direct descendant of Toyota Kluger. It comes in 2.0 and 3.5 liter. It was designed as a youth car with both the characteristics of suv and sedan car simultaneously high quality crossover with a spacious interior that accommodate up to seven people. The key concepts of the model proclaimed an active lifestyle and increased comfort. All models in the line are all-wheel drive. It is available as a five-seater and seven-seater versions.