Car Import Regulations for Zambia

Car Import Regulations for Zambia

Zambia is a land locked country sharing borders with Tanzania, South Africa and Mozambique. The capital of the country is Lusaka and mainly the population which is around 17 million is concentrated around Lusaka and the Copperbelt Province as they are the core economic hubs.

Likewise many African countries Zambia is also home to Japanese used vehicles as well as Japanese Brand new vehicles. Zambian tend to import used cars and used commercial vehicles from Japan as Japanese used vehicles come with affordable prices while offering great option including latest technologies, fuel economy and easy maintenance.

STC JAPAN has been exporting Japanese used vehicles across the globe for the past 20 years and has been providing its services to Zambian market also, especially catering the local used car dealers while providing special deals. As being part of the Zambian Used vehicle market we would like to highlight some of the essential information for our customers while they plan to import Japanese Used Vehicles.

  1. Which ports are used
    to discharge vehicles?

As Zambia is landlocked country so the ships do not dock in Zambia instead they are discharged at listed three ports and further transported to Nakonde border

  • Durban, South Africa
  • Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Mombasa, Kenya
  • What are the import duties?

The import duties set by the Zambian board of revenue are as

Cylinder Capacity 0-1500:

  • Surtax Rate- 50,000
  • VAT- 17.50%
  • Excise Duty- 20%
  • Customs Duty- 25%

Cylinder Capacity 1500-2000:

  • Surtax Rate- 100,000
  • VAT- 17.50%
  • Excise Duty- 30%
  • Customs Duty- 25%

Cylinder Capacity 2000-3000:

  • Surtax Rate- 150,000
  • VAT- 17.50%
  • Excise Duty- 30%
  • Customs Duty- 25%

Cylinder Capacity 3000 and above:

  • Surtax Rate- 200,000
  • VAT- 17.50%
  • Excise Duty- 30%
  • Customs Duty- 25%

Pickup trucks

  • Surtax Rate- 200,000
  • VAT- 17.50%
  • Excise Duty- 30%
  • Customs Duty- 15%

Trucks in general

  • Surtax Rate- 200,000
  • VAT- 17.50%
  • Excise Duty- 0%
  • Customs Duty- 15%


  • Surtax Rate- 200,000
  • VAT- 17.50%
  • Excise Duty- 16-25%
  • Customs Duty- 15%

NOTE: Car importers need to pay the Carbon Emission Surtax
annually. The surtax, as provided above, will range from 50,000 Kwacha to
200,000 Kwacha per year, depending on the engine size.

  • What are
    the Import Levies?

As imported vehicles are considered as a luxury so
government charge import levies on imported vehicles just like any other
imported goods. The standard charge for
cars is between 60% and 89%, depending on the model of the
vehicle. The total value of all costs paid for importing the car is
the one that the revenue authority body uses to calculate the amount you are to
pay as Value for Duty Purposes (VDP). It is mainly influenced by the insurance
charges, transport costs, the customs value which is also dependent on cost,
insurance and freight (CIF), any other charges incurred in the process of
importation, and the price paid for the car (also referred to as Free On

a used Japanese car is still a better deal with all these taxes as the customer
can choose the car from the dealers in Japan.

  • What
    are the documents required for clearance?

The documents required for clearance of vehicle at port is as followed

  • Original Invoice
  • Bill of Lading (Original Copy)
  • Documents that are related to the
    acquisition, purchase, shipment or importation of the used vehicle
  • Export Certificate (Original Copy)
  • Driver’s License
  • International Insurance Policy
  • Non-Sale Certificate
  • Valuation Certificate
  • Letter of Transfer

With all this information available now our customers can
select from a wide range of Japanese used cars as well as commercial vehicle
from our stock.

Our most viewed and sold vehicle in Zambia are Toyota Land Cruiser, Izuzu Elf, Mitsubishi Canter, Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Vitz, Toyota Rav 4 and Toyota Allion.